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Customer Corner

Garage Doors 101

When shopping for a new garage door for your home it is important to consider more than just price. Outlined below are the top five categories to examine when looking for a new garage door.

Budget: Price is an important factor, but remember, it is not the only factor. It is essential to have a budget in mind when looking into any major purchase. Make sure to have a realistic range to work within that includes both a high-end and even a low-end amount you are willing to spend.

Style: Trying to decide on a look that best fits your home is probably going to be the hardest decision of all. Luckily, if you set a budget, it will help to narrow down some choices. Take time to look at garage doors in your neighborhood, looking for homes similar to yours. Door professionals are also a good source and can help direct you in the style that best fits your home and your budget.

Insulation: After choosing a style of door, the next step is deciding if you want the door to be insulated or not. With drastic climate changes in most of the country, it is typically a good idea to insulate a garage door to help keep some sort of temperature control within your garage.

Maintenance: For most garage doors maintenance is generally minimal if you have a steel or fiberglass door. Remember no door is absolutely maintenance-free; it is recommended to clean the door and lubricate the moving parts of the door at the very minimum once a year. However, if you are considering a wooden garage door, keep in mind that maintenance and cost increases. Wooden garage doors need to be treated and stained once every couple of years.

By doing your homework prior to purchasing a new door, you will save time and money. Check with your local door professional when doing your research; they are a great source of information and can lead you in the right direction.

Garage Door Openers

Start with an exceptional garage door from CW Garage Door Distribution and combine a powerful, quiet automatic garage door opener. The result is an absolute system that maximizes performance and reliability.

Today's automatic openers are equipped with the ultimate safety and security features, and are available in a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems for all types of homes and applications.

Below is an overview of the two different garage door systems available. Find the one that suits your lifestyle best and contact CW Garage Door Distribution to find a dealer in your area for information and pricing.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers - The perfect choice for homes with living space above or next to the garage. Features smooth operation and provides quiet performance.

Chain Drive - The most popular choice in garage door openers today. They provide value and offer lasting performance.

Tech Tips

To insure proper garage door operation, the following garage door maintenance should be performed twice a year:

For periodic cleaning:
Use a mild detergent to wash your door; do not use abrasive cleaners. Check for scratches that can be reasonably repaired. If bare metal is exposed, treat with zinc-based primer. Avoid excessive touch-up; post-applied painting will not match original factory finish.


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